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Project Midnight (Verizon Media)

Project Type

Virtual event and escape room


Virtual production, XR, augmented reality, virtual reality, webGL


October 2020

For Halloween 2020, where we were all forced apart due to COVID-19, we wanted to continue this tradition and bring our clients together for a spectacular digital event, to show how hosting a digital event could be an advantage for clients not a restriction.

With this in mind, we launched Immersion 2021, Verizon Media’s global event aimed at infusing our clients with inspiring content and an engaging experience. We hosted a series of thought leadership talks and panel discussions, and attendees were invited to test their wits in the Project Midnight Immersive Escape Room experience.

Part escape room, part immersive theatre, this virtual experience saw users trapped in a terrifying virtual Lab where nightmares had broken free. To escape, visitors had to solve a series of clues, either solo or collaborating with a group of friends or colleagues, throughout the 3D space using 3D/AR, immersive video and audio and iFrame technology.

It was a truly global event, with 1400 live attendees coming from 48 different countries in 6 different languages and 42% of all attendees experienced our immersive escape room.

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